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I met Pedro while I was a flight attendant at a commercial jet liner.He was a fueler and I met him while he was fueling the airplane that I was to take to Key West that night.Pineapple Dating, has access to a massive nationwide database of genuine single men and women, looking for a The total area of the United Kingdom is approximately 243,610 square kilometres (94,060 sq mi).

England accounts for just over half of the total area of the UK, covering 130,395 square kilometres (50,350 sq mi).

Below their photo, there are 3 buttons; 'Yes' 'Maybe' and 'No'.

If you click 'Yes' or 'Maybe' we'll let you know if the feeling's mutual, a fabulous way of quickly telling someone you like them.

Northern Ireland shares a 224-mile (360 km) land boundary with the Republic of Ireland.

The coastline of Great Britain is 11,073 miles (17,820 km) long.

England's highest mountain is Scafell Pike (978 metres (3,209 ft) in the Lake District.