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27-Aug-2017 03:37

"In the US, men would ask for dates, which was refreshing…

In Ireland, a man would never ask you out; relationships began with a drunken fumble and, if he called, you were most likely 'going out', but it was never discussed, and barely acknowledged.

Patricia Lohan (34) of the Soulmate Attraction Formula ( was a self-proclaimed "early adopter".

"At 17 I met a guy in a chat room for a date and he was great. When I went on 'the market' to attract my soulmate eight years ago, the first thing I did was go online as a result of that positive experience when I was 17.

"This is really only an excuse for sexual indulgence, though the people who go in for such 'trial marriages' say they are trying to find out if they 'suit each other sexually'." She concludes by pointing out the "great risk" of contracting venereal disease.

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"I should have been home at 10pm and I eventually arrived home at 11.15pm to find my mother, father, aunt, brother and a Garda outside the front door.

Others argue that Ireland didn't even have a dating culture to begin with.

"It's never really dating in Ireland," says journalist and photographer Barbara Mc Carthy (40).

"Mystique is always more interesting." Former rally driver and Driving Academy owner Rosemary Smith, who is in her 70s, agrees that women are much more forward these days.

"I've seen women walk up to men in pubs and hotels.

Jennifer Haskins, the co-owner of exclusive introduction agency Two's Company (, remembers them well: "If you stayed dancing after the first slow dance the guy knew you were interested at least. Everyone's interest - or lack of it - was quite clear." Jennifer, who is in her late 40s, says roles have changed since her first forays into the world of dating. The roles have become less defined and women are taking more initiative." She recalls an elderly aunt turning to her recently and asking, "Since when have men become the prize?

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