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Some amounts of clay, sand, and gravel are excavated for local use.

Foreign investors have been granted licenses to explore offshore blocks for potential petroleum and reserves, but these actions have not yet yielded any production.

The major ethnic groups are similar to those in Senegal and consist of the majority peoples.

The Gambian economy is heavily dependent on peanut (groundnut) production and export.

The country was not as hard hit as other countries in the region, however, and recovery has been steady. Most Gambians are not fishermen, but those who are have been handicapped by inadequate equipment.

The government has offered small loans for the purchase of motorized fishing boats and the construction of smoke huts for the processing of The Gambia has very few exploited mineral deposits.

Few wild animals are native to the region, and those that survive are under pressure from the human and domestic animal populations.The crop is sold to agents of The Gambia Groundnut Corporation (until 1993 known as the Gambia Produce Marketing Board), which fixes the season’s price in advance, pays the producers in cash, and sells the crop overseas.The agents arrange for transportation of the peanuts to Banjul or Kuntaur, where the nuts are shelled before being shipped.A pilot scheme was begun in the mid-1960s to introduce plantation techniques and the scarcity of suitable pasture and water have limited the size of herds.

The drought years of the 1970s and ’80s seriously damaged agricultural production, particularly upriver.A number of settlements are located in the, the capital, and several large urban centres have developed in the vicinity.

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