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Use the options common to the Photon Cloud Chat Filter Add-On and the Community-Sift Enterprise setup to fine-tune what your app client and players are being returned in your chat rooms.

Filter Add-On is active Tick the checkbox to activate your filter settings.

It will also struggle with longer number patterns as it wants to prevent the sharing of personal information.

Use this setting if the nature of your product requires a more permissive setting for a teen audience and you trust your users, but also wish to protect them and your brand.

The install with Photon Chat is really easy and all the advanced functionality just works.

It automatically scans, detects and filters messages that contain swear or curse words. First, go to the management page of your Photon Chat application which is accessible from your dashboard. Agree to the Community Sift terms first to be enable the Chat Filter add-on setup.

Click the "Setup Chat Filter" button and you will be directed to a dedicated page to set up Chat Filter for your application.