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01-Feb-2018 13:57

Federal officials are exploring how beneficiaries could get a share of certain behind-the-scenes fees and discounts negotiated by insurers and pharmacy benefit managers, or PBMs, who together administer Medicare’s Part D drug program.One group of California government workers has never had whistleblower protection under the law: those who work for the lawmakers themselves.

When she protested, Ms Corley says she was violently thrown to the ground and pinned down with her legs spread apart.

'However bad decisions, bad judgment may not rise the level of a criminal offense,' she said''It should never have happened and unfortunately we are in the business of prosecuting criminal offenses and though it may not be criminal, it doesn't mean she won't receive justice,' said Sinclair.

Cammack has said that he will release the full video of the incident on Monday and is calling for an independent prosecutor in the case.

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He added: “They then took Ms Corley and placed both ankles behind her ears spread eagle position and started to search for something in Miss Corley’s cavity in her vaginal area.” Ms Corley was arrested and charged with possessing 0.02 ounces of marijuana and resisting arrest but the charges were later dropped.

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