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03-Jul-2017 22:37

It is the same voice that slimed its way out of my i Phone receiver a few days ago when I arranged this pub meeting with a potential new ‘landlord’.I whip round and see an overgrown Michelangelo cherub of a man in a strained checked shirt. The fiftysomething male in question is Marc*, who posted an advert for his available spare room in the ‘Housing’ section of the Craigslist website, which I have replied to.

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They became parents of Jesus.” Jumpin’ Jehoshaphat!

However, unlike my previous landlords who only required me to pay a deposit, my rent on time and to not fuck up their house, this guy requires no deposit, no rent and that I fuck him every now and then.

He buys me a glass of white wine, as a friend (who I’ve brought along as a safety precaution) slips into the bar to observe from a table across the way.

Let us take seriously Zeigler’s justification, which is consistent with Moore’s view that “God’s laws are always superior to man’s laws,” and the Bible stands above the Constitution and other piddling laws of man.

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It is true that the Bible does not say “thou shalt not strip to thine tighty whities and kiss a 14-year-old and touch her through her bra and underpants.” The Bible also does not specifically prohibit colluding with the Russians, accepting emoluments, laundering money or conspiring against the United States.

The country aspired to emancipation, as promised by the fascist revolution but emancipation was hard to advance under the fascist regime because of male hegemonic trends in the country.