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Try that on your parents when they’re giving you jip about having holes in your ears.Apparently, the daith piercing – which sits in a crook of cartilage just behind your tragus – can help people who suffer from regular migraines and headaches.One woman, Sheri Utecht, describes how she used to experience agonising migraines complete with nausea before she got her piercing for ‘fun’.Since then she’s had ‘virtually no pain in my head, which was almost constant before.’ Pretty crazy, right?A lack of skin will likely cause the ring or bar to migrate out and thus it won't lie flush against your navel. There's always a chance of contracting a serious abdominal infection/blood poisoning from improperly sterilized equipment.

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But seriously, you need to have the proper amount of skin (outties are better) in that area for the piercing to be successful.Since it's in a strange place where air won't bet getting to it quite as easily as if you got your ears pierced, you have to be sure and keep it dry. Here's how to care for it: Belly button piercings can take up to a year to fully heal so be patient with the process.

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