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20-Jun-2017 10:20

These beliefs made the perfect man for the Gamergate moment.

This idea that criticizing oppression is itself a form of oppression resonated with the Gamergaters, who saw themselves as culture under assault by "social justice warriors" (SJWs, for short).

The best way to understand Milo Yiannopoulos, internet troll extraordinaire, is to ask him about feminism.

"Sex-negative social justice warriors always banging on about 'affirmative consent' are secretly the first to strap on a gimp mask and demand to get fucked eleven ways," Yiannopoulos wrote to me in an email. " This type of stuff — crass tirades that straddle the border between the genuinely angry and intentionally provocative — are what make Milo Milo.

In August 2014, Sarkeesian moved out of her home out of fear for her safety.

Initially, wasn't a big part of the Gamergate controversy, because he didn't really care about video gamers.

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He thinks that oppressed groups, nowadays, are the ones doing the oppressing.

Accusations of sexism and racism are, for him, tools used by the powerful to silence the powerless.

"Gamer Gate is remarkable — and attracts the interest of people like me — because it represents perhaps the first time in the last decade or more that a significant incursion has been made in the culture wars against guilt-mongerers, nannies, authoritarians and far-left agitators," he writes.

But this evolved into a broader complaint: The press, and developers like Quinn, were too focused on "social justice" issues like female and LGBTQ representation at the expense of the quality of games.

Basically, striving for equality is making video games worse. Quinn and Sarkeesian, two of the more prominent women in the gaming community, were subjected to an unending string of abuse, including rape and death threats.But it's also important to understand what got him to where he is.