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With the Roman Era more developed structures appeared such as theatres, agoras, stadiums, baths and aquaducts.Also arriving on the island at this time was Christianity in the form of St. At the start of the Byzantine Era (395 AD – 1191 AD) the emperor Constantine (337 AD – 361 AD) rebuilt Salamis, which had been destroyed by an earthquake, and changed its name to Constantia.The Age is generally divide into Old, Middle and Late, and important sites dating from these times can be seen at the Pigades shrine, the Tumba Skuru tombs, Karmi Bronze Age Cemetery and the Enkomi Temple.The Iron Age, 1050 BC to 395 AD saw bronze being replaced by iron.The Geometric Era (1050 BC – 750 BC), the Archaic Era (750 BC – 475 BC), the Classical Era (475 BC – 325 BC), the Hellenic Era (325 BC – 58 BC) and the Roman Era (58 BC – 395 AD) conveniently subdivide the Iron Age.In the Geometric Era Phoenicians and Doric people established kingdoms on the island by way of colonies. The Archaic Era ushered in domination by outside empires – the Assyrians, the Egyptians and the Persians.It is thought they were provoked into the attacks by ethnic hardliners ELAM – which denied the allegations.The students went on the rampage on the anniversary of the self-declared Turkish-Cypriot ‘state’ which is backed by the Turkish invaders.

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Although President Nicos Anastasiades and the Turkish-Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci are making every effort to negotiate a deal, decades of entrenched political stances and the Turkish invaders are slowing things down.

With the Hellenic Era we start to see theatres, gymnasiums, public baths and public statues in Cyprus.