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29-Jun-2017 05:59

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And for many vulnerable and lonely men, it looks like an offer that is too good to be true (which in most cases, it often is).

But those who get temporarily blinded by the prospect, also get duped out of thousands by unscrupulous operators.

ATMs are becoming more prevalent in Ukraine, especially in major cities like Kiev.

However, they are big targets for crooks - some who even go to the trouble to create their own fake ATMs!

If you have been in contact with an agency regarding love in the Ukraine, be very, very careful.

You may consider travelling over to the country to meet your prospective lover - but there are a few things to keep in mind. You might get lucky with a legitimate business, but chances are, you are looking down the barrel of a gigantic scam.

If you are contacted and have requests made for cash, money transfers, purchasing of items or financial support, be very cautious.

Don't get duped by simply handing over your money to someone you have never met or have no way to know you can trust.

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He wrote to his prospective fiancée that she would have to purchase tickets herself and fly to the USA if she wanted to be with him.

As the Ukraine's economy improves, options available for travel to the region have improved dramatically - along with a greater availability for goods and services.

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