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27-Jun-2017 02:28

TCP uses port numbers on each side of the connection to track the connection endpoints, state bits such as SYN, ACK, RST, FIN, sequence numbers and acknowledgement numbers to track the communication at each step in transmission. TCP Packet Diagram Used for segmentation of application data into TCP segments and reassembling them on the other side.The sequence number helps the TCP software on both sides keep track of how much data has been transferred and to put the data back into the correct order if it is received in the wrong order, and to request data when it has been lost in transit.This field is used by the receiver to verify the integrity of the data in the TCP payload and rejects data that fails the CRC check.I am trying to modify the source and destination address in the IP header manually in kernel when sending the packet. Since at sender side, you see generally CHECKSUM_UNNECESSARY, this might means your network card is probably able to do checksum verification and computing checksum in hardware.This allows for a receive window of up to 1 gigabyte (GB).When you read captures of a connection that was established by two computers that support scalable windows, keep in mind that the window sizes advertised in the segment must be scaled by the negotiated scale factor.[***] This value has been deployed on the Internet in ways that are not compatible with the documented use in this IANA allocation.

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Offloading the checksum calculations to hardware can result in performance improvements in very high throughput environments.The robustness of Windows 2000 TCP has also been improved and has been subject to an internal security review intended to reduce susceptibility to future hacker attacks.

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