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08-Dec-2017 16:20

And since Form Ones are certified blowers, why not get a host of them to do the dirty….slimy….work?

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Whenever we elect a man (or woman) to the House on the Hill, we give him the right to avoid all human contact except that which has passed through three metal detectors and dressed appropriately.What is the difference between reading about an assassination of a prominent person, and seeing a video of their dying moments?There is something invariably powerful, and devastating, no matter the dying person’s litany of mistakes or crimes.I was pleasantly surprised, no doubt, to receive the letter.

I received it ten years after your death, brought to me by an old frail man who told me he was your prison guard and had sworn to deliver the letter before he died.

We give him the best of our security forces, the best cars, the best house (arguable) and the best women (okay, this last one is unconfirmed).

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