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The masses cheer." A string of comments followed, some seemingly from co-workers.

"Can’t wait to have people calm down." "Made our jobs infinitely harder.

By late 2012, even with Git Hub growing fast, there were still only three women on the tech side.

The dearth of women inspired Horvath to start Passion Projects, an all-female talk series hosted at Git Hub’s office.

"I regret defending Git Hub's culture to feminists for the last two years," she said on Twitter.

"I'm sorry to everyone I've hurt in doing so." Git Hub is conducting an internal investigation to determine exactly what happened.

The situation allegedly became extreme when a founder — reported to be Preston-Werner — asked his wife — reported to be Theresa Preson-Werner — to make sure Horvath was happy.

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Passion Projects became a feather in Git Hub’s cap — Preston-Werner was soon bragging about it to the press — and the number of techie women at Git Hub had increased to 11 by January of 2014.But Horvath’s side of the story, as related in an exclusive interview with , is this: Git Hub was generally female-friendly, but her team felt like a boy’s club.She felt increasingly aware of "how little the men I worked with respected and valued my opinion" and observed the same thing happening to her female co-workers.At the same time, another co-worker started removing Horvath’s code from projects after she turned him down for a date.

This was roughly when Horvath started Passion Projects, but she says her own situation just got worse.

"I would like to personally apologize to Julie," he wrote on the company blog.