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He has considerable form; since solved liberal democracy for all time round about 2004, he’s been involved with various other projects, all of which contain what could most kindly be described as certain "unfavourable" tropes.Take the international megahit Facebook movie, , which is most notable for an extended sequence - broadcast last week - in which an important news man tells a weeping teenage rape victim that she needs to worry a lot more about false accusations affecting young men’s future careers than justice for survivors.Also in attendance at the event were Idris Elba, Josh Lucas, Jason Clarke, Katherine Mc Namara, Kaitlyn Dever, Jenna Fisher, Ben Stiller, Aaron Sorkin, Laurie Metcalf, and Melissa Leo."He is intrigued by Courtney's wit, while she says Aaron is a great influence on her," a source tells Page Six.Unintentionally or not, it shows us how much better TV’s treatment of women can be, and what writers should avoid.Because sometimes, letting Sorkin be Sorkin just isn't good enough.CJ is gutsy and sharp and funny – and the men invariably let her know they think this by only ever commenting on her looks (unless there’s some serious government business going on and she needs something basic spoon-fed to her). She had "opinions" and therefore drops off the face of the earth.Amy, who also has "opinions", is funny, and sometimes cheeks Josh (AKA Sorkin in disguise), is punished for her autonomy by constantly losing her job and causing calamities.

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The singer-actress and widow of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain has often been in the public eye, but not always favorably.

The event saw Nicole Kidman mingling with George Clooney, Emma Thompson hanging out with Helen Mirren, Kristen Scott Thomas, and Nicole, and more on Saturday (September 9) in Toronto, Canada.

In addition, Jessica Chastain was seen mingling with friend and fellow actress Jess Weixler, Greta Gerwig, and others.

Gossip blogger Mandy Stadtmiller says she dated Sorkin, and much of their conversation sounded like one Nina had with the show's hero, ACN news anchor Will Mc Avoy (Jeff Daniels).

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Sorkin and his wife Julia Bingham divorced in 2005 after nearly a decade of marriage. It’s one of the classic TV shows – seven straight series of solid leftie wish fulfilment.

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